Friday, March 6, 2009

Selling Art Has Never Been Better - by Samuel J. Formica Portfolio

 Drowning in Debt

 It’s a great time to be an artist. I know your saying to yourself, “is this guy a nut” the economy is terrible. Precisely, and with the Stock Market so volatile, the banks going belly-up and the world economy in the crapper these are good times to sell. Now is the time to convince all those investors that your work is a safe haven for their money. If you have a track record of consistent sales, a list of achievements and a long history of work, you may be in a position to capitalize on this bad economy. Let’s face it; people need an alternative place to invest their money, why not your art? Changing the way I think about art sales has benefited my life. Don’t think about sales the way you always have and don’t rely on someone else to do it for you. And above all else don’t let this horrible economy pass you by. 

Samuel J. Formica Portfolio